Getting out of the Small City – Road Trip!


We’ve been loving our small city pretty hard lately, and this weekend feels like the perfect time to take a 3 day weekend and get out for a little while. We want to see something new, and I also have to go on a trip for work anyway, so Husband is coming along, as well as a colleague of mine. Both of them are big sci-fi novel dorks, so I think the 8 hour road trip will be well worth it.

I’ve had multiple schools of thought when it came to road trips in the past. I had a distressing phase where I liked travelling in the very early morning or late at night so as to maximize time with friends and family when I arrived places, but it didn’t account for my own lost sleep so my parents pretty much constantly worried about me dozing off at the wheel.

Then I got into a place where I was studying my graduate school degree while the rest of my friends and family were working full time jobs, which meant I could take more time “off” – in reality, I just brought all my books with me – to travel around. I road tripped in any direction feasible to me, making very infrequent stops because I wanted to get where I was going whenever I could.

There was a year of long-distance dating with Husband (then, he was Boyfriend), which meant that I would have awful weeks of withdrawal when I returned to regular life; while I never missed anyone else as much as I missed him after those trips, I think I’ve always been a person who wishes the trip could last forever.

Now, my trips are usually with him even though we also live in the same place, to coming home isn’t quite as big an adjustment. We have a joke that every time I travel with him, I’m required to spill pretzels in the floorboard of the car, because I’m clumsy and we always pack snacks and this seems to inevitably result. He makes me take things slower and drive safely and stop for as many rest areas as we need. It’s a nice change, even if my personality is still always pushing the envelope and trying to get places faster, cheaper, more often.

How do you organize yourself for trips? What are your trip quirks? Road trips are a pretty common part of United States life, but every family does them differently.

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  1. HyperchildChillmom October 7, 2017 @ 10:53 am

    Our family LOVES road trips. We live in Nova Scotia so a day trip can take you to an immensely different place from our home town. We also have a cabin in the woods about 2 hours from our Big city. It is a great retreat form our hectic ADHD lives. we call it the ADHD retreat. But we blast the music on our way and talk and laugh. Sometimes we take our daughters friends. There is something about being in a car that can sooth the soul. A great place to talk and relax.

  2. ComfortsFashion21 October 8, 2017 @ 10:18 am

    Interested writtings & personal experiences

  3. Colin Begg October 8, 2017 @ 3:12 pm

    Gotta love the great outdoors! All that fresh are, you don’t get that in the city.

  4. Joseph Nebus October 9, 2017 @ 12:36 am

    My love and I have a pretty easy time with road trips. At least I have. Pack enough changes of clothes plus a spare, and a second spare set of underwear and socks, and save enough episodes of podcasts to cover the travel time.

  5. dollthetime October 13, 2017 @ 8:57 am

    Nice post! Once I went on a road trip to Michigan, and it was wonderful! If you plan on going North, pack for colder weather!

    Doll the Time

    P.S. Thanks or following my blog! I’m following yours!

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