Monday Motivation: Looking to the Future, One Day at a Time


The Best Self Journal I’ve been filling out is useful because, even though it only covers 13 weeks, it can be any 13 weeks, due to not having dates filled out. I recently went in and filled out the whole space, turning a blank, generic calendar into an actual month. Already, November seems like it will be so short and yet so full of events.

The Journal made we think that we so often let days pass without taking a moment to think about them, or else we skip months and months ahead to our next vacation or our next promotion or our next family reunion. Certainly, these things are worth planning and celebrating, but after meeting my little nephew, who has done so much growing in only 8 days, I am reminded that planning for the future should include the present, and all the inconsequential days between now and the fulfillment of our goals.

I want to be the kind of person who plans for the future in big dreams but mostly in small, day-sized chunks, so that I can say that I didn’t just scramble and scramble to get to my goal, but that I lived the goal by living each day by the principles. This reminds me a bit of Jess Lively, of the Lively Show podcast, who is always mentioning that we have to set our intentions based on what we value, rather than just making goals blindly and hustling like crazy to make them happen.

So yes, I’m thinking about running a half marathon again, and I’m thinking about feeling strong during my upcoming yoga retreat, and I’m thinking about planning a trip to Europe to revisit old friends… but I’m also trying to live an active lifestyle and keep my Spanish skills polished every day, in bite-sized chunks of activity. One small step at a time even as I dream.

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  1. Cindy Anderson November 6, 2017 @ 8:27 pm

    Sounds like an awesome way of looking at life.

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