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Happy Thanksgiving! I know that most of you are busy eating and watching football and hopefully going for a nice afternoon waddle with your dear ones to work off all that tryptophan… or just napping on a comfy couch! I thought, though, in the spirit of gratitude, I’d share what the weekly pages for the Best Self Journal look like.

(Just a quick reminder: I don’t get anything from you checking out the Best Self Journal or buying it; I just really like it and am finding it useful!)

It took me a couple of weeks to get the hang of the top section of this page, where you choose activities and how often during the week you want to do them. I remember to do my daily pages but end up, often, catching up on these logs of activities later on in the week. One benefit is that, for instance, if I realize I only did yoga or went for a run 2 times that week, I can redouble my efforts for the next week. It’s a way to look back at more than just the one daily page.

I also like the 1-10 scale that it gives me to rate how I “did” this week. Sometimes I write about external factors, like good news from my editors, or internal factors, like feeling alert with less caffeine in my life during my quest to master my coffee addiction.

The rest of the questions are like a compendium of similar questions I ask myself every day, and I’m already starting to notice and say to myself, “this isn’t just a win, it’s a weekly win!” or “This is not a great circumstance, but I’ve definitely figured out my “lesson learned” for the week.” For this reason, I’m glad that once every 7 days I have an extra step to my Best Self planner.

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