Gobbling down Gobble Box’s Delightful First Surprise

IMG_20180104_194649.jpgI had almost forgotten, in the thick of returning to work this week, that I’d signed up to try a new subscription box this week: Gobble. I assume that my HelloFresh posts triggered someone’s ad campaigns and started sending me all kinds of subscription boxes to try, and when I looked at Gobble’s website, the thing that stood out were the more ethnic options: vegetable korma? Seared paneer? Yes, these are both Indian-inspired, but come on – I’ve wished I could make good Indian food forever.

So I went through the sign up and they told me, because of holidays, my first box would arrive in January. So I went about forgetting it existed! This week, after we’d gotten pretty low on groceries, I was delighted to get my box full of ingredients. The packaging is quite simple – HelloFresh and Blue Apron both put everything in these fancy brown-paper bags and boxes. I liked that each meal was self-contained, except the meat, and in a plastic zip-lock bag so that nothing leaked.

The delightful part for me, however, was the one thing we were able to eat that first night: a sample baggie with two frozen chocolate chip cookie dough balls! We just had to heat the oven and put them in and after 15 minutes, we had bakery-style chocolate chip cookies! Obviously, this small sample was probably to get us to add a bigger batch of cookie dough balls to a future order, but goodness gracious, the delight of having cookie dough you didn’t expect in a box full of food… heaven.

Today I’m making the first meal, so I’ll have to publish another post with the actual results; however, they promise one pan and 15 minute meals. I won’t mind if those are marketing exaggerations, but it would be pretty impressive if they work. If you too want to try Gobble, they actually gave me a link to send you a free box, if you are curious as well. Comment with pictures and the verdict when you try it!

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  1. Encore Voyage January 6, 2018 @ 12:02 pm

    Well, crap! That just made me hungry first thing in the morning. Wish you could bring me one! ~ Lynn

  2. mollyandmoo January 6, 2018 @ 9:47 pm

    Great read, the cookies look delish!

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