Best Self Journal: Seeing Results


The Best Self Journal comes with this beautiful little poster that I have, regretfully, not used yet – a part of me wants to use it for another 13 weeks after this journal is over, because, honestly, I’m seeing results. The poster, however, makes me think about how, when we are in the middle of a long challenge, we sometimes don’t step back and see the big picture.

I’m in week 9, guys. I’ve scaled up my writing a lot in that time (I mean A LOT. This weekend was mostly writing, chill time with Husband, and throwing a potluck dinner). I’ve taken two trips specifically to spend time with family and another trip to see an old friend, which really fulfill my goal of making it my priority to spend time with friends and family. Getting Christmas cards out and finding small gifts for our friends here in town was also a part of that.

As we start the year, and the weather has turned bitterly cold pretty much everywhere, I’m reminded that sometimes, we need to step back and say, “this is happening!” Small changes, a little bit at a time, with daily tasks and targets. I’m still making sure there is broccoli on my plate. I’m still gritting my teeth and braving the wind as I run out to go to the gym. Not every day do I achieve something big, but looking at this poster makes me think about the big picture in a way that each individual day in the journal does not.

There is still plenty to achieve, and as my day job ramps up in earnest this week, I’m mostly just trying to make sure I fulfill my duties, not my stretch dreams. Still, I hope you find a moment this week to step back and look at the positive things you’ve accomplished. You, like me, are more than halfway there.

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