Gobbling down more vegetables


I have enjoyed every morsel of Gobble Box, though when we did steak again this week, I actually only ate a little bit of it. I have to face it: I’m not a steak girl. I did save the rest of it for leftovers in Husband’s lunch, since he really loved it. It’s nice that we’re now people who can have steak once every month or two, and it’s nice that it is just one of the options in the food delivery lists.

What got me, however, was the gratin broccoli and cauliflower. I had had au gratin potatoes, which are heavenly and creamy and cheesy, but since potatoes somewhat fall in that ‘mostly starch, less vegetable’ category, I always thought of it as a decadent side. Granted, putting the same cream and a crust of tasty breadcrumbs doesn’t make these veggies low calorie, but I cannot tell you how cozy it is to eat a pile of cauliflower and broccoli while focusing on all that warm and rich sauce. This version had slivered almonds on top for crunch too, which means it had some of that “healthy fat” and nutrients you get from tree nuts.

Basically, what would have been an “eh” meal for me without Husband happily commenting on the steak, became a really wonderful and surprisingly healthy meal for me. I pretty much steer clear of cauliflower and broccoli on a typical day, so the nutrients they bring to the table are almost never in my body. Much like a parent disguising good food in exciting packages to make a toddler try it, if you package my veggies in a nutty cream sauce, I guess I wolf them down. The nice thing, however, is that with the automatic “portion control” of the Gobble box, I didn’t make way more sauce than necessary, and just had enough on there to coat the veggies without pooling all over.

Basically, I’m hooked. If you want to try Gobble Box for Free, you can with this link, and while this one took us a little longer than 15 minutes, it was still an astoundingly fast meal for how delicious it ended up being.

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