Monday Motivation: The Miracle Morning

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This Monday, I’ve got a mixed review for you. My initial point is that yes, getting up early has changed my life and made me feel like I have more control over my days. I do try to get active, do some thoughtful meditating or journaling, and read. However.

Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning is not a scientific-research-based text to help show people how to make their mornings work for them. Instead, it seems to be mostly a memoir with a lot of affirming platitudes about how you deserve to live your “Level 10” life.

However, reading the first chapters of this book really made me think about how I choose to view things: I could see Elrod’s book as a “waste of time” the way some reviewers do, or I could take Elrod’s own advice and try to reframe my use of his book.

Elrod cites that blame is who caused a negative situation, but responsibility is who will work for a solution to it. I didn’t cause the Miracle Morning to be light on specific advice, but I can do something about how I use the book. After all, it is from the library and didn’t cost me anything directly, so I have no reason to be negative about it.

Instead of reading it quickly, like I do with many books that drag me forward with them, I am using it more like a mantra, a pump-up. After all, this has been a very popular book, which means people were drawing some positivity and lessons from it at times. So I choose to read a few pages while exercising in my early morning routines, and then I set it aside quickly to move on to my other tasks for the morning.

I didn’t have a 2018 goal about positivity, but I can see why Elrod is probably a happy-ish millionaire and why anyone who grumbles about his book is probably not quite so happy. While I cannot recommend purchasing it, given the other things you can do with your money, I can definitely say that reading it can be a great, positive way to start your morning.

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  1. photosociology January 22, 2018 @ 7:50 am

    Thanks for sharing you review. I started my day today by saying out loud “how can I have an amazing day today?”. I finish each day by writing 5 things I am grateful for from during the day.

  2. geezer94 January 22, 2018 @ 2:02 pm

    Thank for the heads up. I’ll see if our library has a copy …

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