Two Weeks’ Notice: Getting To Business

best self two weeks notice

I have been working on my Best Self Journal for 11 weeks now – woohoo! I recently saw the page that reminds you to get another journal if you want to do another 13 weeks. I am indeed going to do so, but I have my mind set on trying Panda Planner, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, so I will have to wait a little longer before I get another 13-week cycle going.

I like that there was a whole page for the two weeks’ notice, because I had gotten into a little rut about my goals. Some of them have become unrealistic (I’m not pitching 10 stories a week because I’m already doing as much writing as I can possibly fit in), and others I’ve just not done so well with (diet and exercise… sigh. Not bad but not good). I stand by the fact that I’ve succeeded on eating a lot of vegetables, writing a ton, and feeling surrounded by great community that we deliberately spend time with.

But when it feels like certain goals are firmly unrealistic, rather than “stretch goals,” it’s easy to just let them go. For instance, I need to find ways to turn my old goals for running 15 miles a week into more manageable near-term goals, like running at all, rather than just seeing everything as failing my original goal. If running once is failing, and running zero times is failing, it is so much easier to justify running zero times.

Starting today, I’m revising that goal specifically to fit what I can do in two weeks time: namely, go to the gym at least twice a week, and one of those times needs to be a run. Sure, I’m not going to win any medals for that, but it means that I don’t have to just twiddle my thumbs and wait for the Best Self Journey to be over to start a new goal. I can pivot to good new actions today.

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