Mandarin Orange Shrimp in the Gobble Box


This week is exciting because it is another Gobble Box Week! Given that shrimps are always a pretty pricey option in grocery stores, I was excited that this week had an Asian stir-fry with shrimp and coconut rice.

The rice has just that tinge of coconut that makes it a little more exotic than usual, but the stir-fry was what stood out. If you’ve never had water chestnuts, they are well worth trying. They are addictively crunchy, but mostly they take on the flavor from other options. The orange sauce on the shrimp and veggies makes it all super delicious, like a fine meal at a Chinese restaurant.

Husband really liked how easy it was to make in one pan and a bowl for the rice; he made it all himself while I was working on my computer, which was really great. I appreciate that he can do all the work without spending an hour doing a ton of cooking and then an hour later doing the dishes. Everything down to the crunchy slivered almonds was delicious.

If you’ve thought about trying a subscription service but haven’t, I’ve now done enough Gobble boxes to actually say I recommend this one, specifically on variety of food and the rapid cooking/prep times. If you want to try a meal for free, this link gives you that chance.

Now, though, I have to go dig in to the last of those shrimps. YUM.

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  1. blissfullycreating February 13, 2018 @ 9:09 am

    i love water chestnuts! that crunch is always delicious in stir fry!

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