Financial Friday: Making those Splurges Feel “Earned”


It’s tough to break out of the mindset of trying to save money, but I’m trying to strike a balance. Hubs and I, for instance, had heard rave reviews of a farm-to-table restaurant in the next town over, so we’d said we would go have dinner there if we made it through out Cash Envelope Challenge. It was pricier than we’d typically do (I think we spent $64 bucks with appetizer and two dishes) but it was SO WONDERFUL. Above is the pic I took of the “deconstructed chicken pot pie” with the amazing sage gravy and puff pastry triangles. We felt full and happy all evening long, and the service was SO warm and inviting. They clearly were people who took the most pleasure and love from the good food they served.

And I didn’t want to feel bad about it! I didn’t want to feel like I’d wasted money. So… well, I write extra. When I feel like I’m spending too much, I try to increase my income in proportion. This isn’t always possible, but working a little harder feels like a good response.

Now, Hubs and I are really looking to a much bigger expense: we’re hoping to take a beach vacation this year. This is much more expensive than one nice dinner, but I’m trying to think about it in wise ways, rather than feeling guilty about it.

  • When I work outside of work hours, I’m building up the savings I need to go.
  • When I budget well for groceries and work hard on our taxes to get everything right, I’m adding value to our lives by not wasting money. Every dollar helps to make the vacation worth it!
  • I REALLY enjoy the beach. Me and the ocean go way back, so even if other people think of beach vacations as boring or cliche, I LOVE the beach, and haven’t seen it in years.
  • Going somewhere warm, even later this year, is giving me LIFE for February.

It’s not always possible to take time and money for a vacation of any kind, but this year, if we can do the saving we need to do and make good choices, I think it’s in the books for me. I hope that if there is a splurge in the cards for you, you’ll fully enjoy it, and if there isn’t right now, I hope that working toward your goals will allow you to find a splurge opportunity, even a small and inexpensive one, soon.

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