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I have known for a long time that my addiction to coffee was too much: I was drinking 3 or 4 cups of strong coffee a day, accepting the jitters that came with them, and enjoying the positive rush that came with all that energy. It didn’t always change into lasting productivity, but it did create a deep dependence on the bean for happiness.

I realized early this year that I was taking it for granted and not really getting much out of my coffee experience, which was a shame. I realized that one way to regain the pleasure of coffee would be to reduce my dependence, and for that, I realized, I needed an intermediary: decaf coffee.

The immediate problem was that I had easy access to wonderful, well made caffeinated coffee, but all the sources locally didn’t seem to make good decaf. It seems like making good decaf coffee is a fairly untapped market in my area, actually.

So I came up with a solution: I tried a new subscription service, called Bean Box. They sent me 4 small bags of artisanal decaf coffee to try, which meant that I had novelty and high quality coffee to look forward to in the mornings. For instance, I was able to try Seattle Coffee Works “Our Best Decaf,” which mixed beans from all over the world to make a really high-flavor coffee, not at all the flat cup-of-joe I had found most decaf to be.

I am not off coffee entirely, but I now drink at least one cup of decaf a day, and sometimes a half-caff cup some other time. This means that when I do get that caffeine, I’m so much more mindful and grateful for it, and the rest of the time, I’m focusing on the flavor, not the addiction, so I hope I will eventually find my own perfect decaf roast so that I don’t feel chained to the caffeine like I used to.

This post is not sponsored by Bean Box, but if you want to try it for 5 dollars off, feel free to use my referral code! It gives me coffee credit too, which doesn’t hurt. 🙂


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