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From the Amazon listing for Bee’s Wrap.

So, Christmas shopping is coming to a close for me, and just in time, I have figured out that EVERYONE on my list is getting this one item next year. I might be kidding, but I also might not. Bee’s Wrap is this gorgeous replacement for plastic wrap and tin foil, which is reusable for a year, smells good, and it beautiful to boot.

I am in no way compensated for this advertisement; I simply think that this combines so many of the things I look for in a gift. It’s innovative, so people will be surprised and delighted that it exists. It’s also a little pricey (for a wrap, not for a present. Still super reasonable for a present), which means you are gifting someone a precious thing they might not invest in themselves. Lastly, it’s BEAUTIFUL. We love surrounding ourselves with pretty things.

If you are like me, you cover something in your fridge almost every night; ideally, I have the right lid for a pot or bowl, but sometimes the lids are dirty or missing. The wrap, even if I use it only 2 or 3 times a week, saves money on rolls of plastic wrap and means that I don’t throw a whole roll of plastic away over time. The “used” bee’s wrap is also completely biodegradable or can be burned in your firepit or fireplace, since the ingredients aren’t toxic.

Basically, it seems like such a simple, positive thing to keep around the house. You do have to be careful with it (clean with cold water, for instance, to prevent washing off the anti-microbial beeswax), but in general I think I’m going to have 3 or 4 of these handy on my kitchen counter for the foreseeable future. I’m tempted to put in a bulk order now and just distribute these throughout the year as hostess gifts, birthday gifts, etc. Sadly it would become a tacky thing if this is all I ever gave forever… plus I sorta like getting or making unique gifts for people… But the temptation is definitely there.

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