Side by Side: HelloFresh and Gobble

So, lately, Husband and I have tried two meal kit services: HelloFresh and Gobble. I wanted to give you all a chance to see the difference. They are similar but not the same in price (Gobble’s box runs about 10 bucks more per week for the same amount of meals), and both have advantages and drawbacks.

Freshness: HelloFresh put it in their name, and for this, I have to agree. I receive whole veggies and fruits in this kit more, with Gobble box packaging a lot of shrink-wrapped items.

Prep Time: Gobble box has HelloFresh beat on this front. So many items in the Gobble box take very little time to make and can be made simultaneously with very few dishes. HelloFresh varies from having 20-25 minute meals in one pot to multi-dish meals that require oven pre-heating and roasting something as a pre-req to the rest of the steps. It just depends on the dish.

Deliciousness: Gobble only barely edges out HelloFresh on this one. I think I’ve liked most of the meals I’ve had from both: partially because they are both meal services that let you pick 3 meals per week out of 8 or more options.

Variety: I tend to notice less variety in side dishes in the HelloFresh box. One of the reasons I choose Gobble box originally was that they offered items with spices and combinations that I’d never seen, whereas HelloFresh offered ready-to-prepare food that I already knew how to cook for a lot of the meals. Both are good, but my experience is that Gobble is, thus far, more ethnically inspired and thus more varied.

Ease of Instructions: Honestly, a dead tie for this one. Whoever designs the recipe cards for HelloFresh and Gobble box has made a great graphic design. I find it easy to work through each of the recipes just by looking for the bolded ingredient terms on HelloFresh, and the great labeling for Gobble box helps me quickly grab what I need.

Honestly, this experiment has been nothing but fun for me, and I still stand by both boxes as a great way to expand your taste horizons (either a little or a lot!) while saving some time during a busy season. If you want 40 bucks off HelloFresh or a free meal kit from Gobble, check out those links, but I also hope this helps you make sense of the popularity of meal kit delivery services. 🙂

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